XH-MR-4 Mine Counter-rotating Fan

This series of fans is specially designed to meet the needs of ventilation in metallurgical, non-ferrous, gold, chemical, building materials and nuclear industries and other non-coal mines. It can be used as a main fan or auxiliary fan, can be installed on the ground or underground, and is also suitable for large-scale workshops and tunnels. Ventilating and exchanging air in civil air defense engineering, this fan is suitable for combined operation of multi-fan, it is multi-blower, series-parallel multi-stage air-fighting fan. It is designed in the original mine energy saving fan base mountain, through technical improvement, perfect structure, improve performance and expand machine number. This series of fans has higher operating efficiency, lower noise, wider performance azimuth, more remarkable energy saving effect, at the same time, there is a stable flow ring in the main air duct. Set, characteristic curve without hump, can keep fan in any resistance state can run stably....

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  1. With twisting wing blade, the aerodynamic efficiency is high and the energy saving effect is very remarkable.

    2.Diverse performance, complete specifications, can be well matched with various resistance and air volume types of ventilation network, can maintain long-term efficient operation.

    3.It is equipped with steady flow ring device, the characteristic curve has no hump, no surge danger, it can be safely and stably rotated in any resistance state, and it is suitable for multi-fan linkage operation.

    4.Adopt the structure of direct connection of motor and impeller, the whole stability is good, the installation is convenient, the maintenance is easy, the device local resistance is low. It has higher transmission efficiency than belt and long shaft, no transmission failure, no short shaft danger, and slight foundation subsidence and slip do not affect normal operation.

    5.Compact structure, good moisture-proof performance. The main body of fan is steel plate, section steel resistance welding structure, blade is steel plate material, hollow, blade and overall strength is high, the ability of resisting downhole blasting is strong.

    6.Reverse wind, counter wind rate greater than 60, do not need to build a backwind channel.

    7.The blade mounting angle can be adjusted to eliminate the change of mine production and to adjust the working condition of fan at any time.

    8.The amount of civil works is very small, which can save a lot of investment.

    9.The noise is low.


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