(2)Lubricating oil problems

   To clean Windows and cooling pipes to ensure the quality of chilled water and heat dissipation. Bearing poor quality, water heating reaction oil purification rate, high temperature of frozen water.

(3) the bearing bush processing is poor

   Because stainless steel fan gem wear is not lubricated, the shaft is moved, the shaft liner wear is significant, the shaft and shaft liner contact must be too large, stainless steel fan bearing why will become hot? Form oil wedge, destroyed the oil body of the conflict, causing organ fever.

(4) oil circulation system caused by

   In addition, the pressure oil repeated freezing water degree high, high pressure oil measurement, bearing fever. The pressure oil is repeated on smooth sliding bearings, the tubing is blocked because of pump trouble, oil and alcohol attacks, and the bearing has a fever. Demand picks up oil trajectory, especially in the summer, there is no guarantee of repeated measurements of frozen water.

(5) oil ring collapse caused by

   Turn the bearing assembly over and inspect the oil ring for immediate change. In sliding bearings, the tanker is often brought back between the spool and the foot of the spool, but if the spool is deformed and worn, the spool will be twisted and the spool and the spool will overheat.

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